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30 Apr 2016

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Tertiary Scholarship Scheme

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                                                                          Operator of the NNPC/NAOC/OHL Joint Venture
                                                                                                         R. C. 2974

                                                         2014/2015 NAOC TERTIARY SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME: APPLICATION/EXAMINATION

The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) Joint Venture in pursuance of its corporate Social Responsibility invites suitably qualified applicants for its 2014/2015 Session Tertiary Scholarship Scheme, effective February 9 to March 9, 2015.

Category of Awards

Host Communities Merit Award – For applicants strictly from NAOC Host Communities National Merit Award – For applicants from Non-Host communities

To qualify for consideration, applicants  MUST be:

Registered Full TIME undergraduates in Nigerian Tertiary InstitutionsCertified 100 level students at the time of application NOTE: The following categories of students  should not apply:200 level students and aboveCurrent beneficiaries of similar Awards from other Companies and AgenciesDependants of  naoc/nae/aenrOnly Indigenes of  naoc Host Communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Imo States  SHOULD apply for the

  Host Communities Merit Award.
Only applicants studying Engineering, Geology and Geosciences are eligible for the  National Merit Award.

NOTE: The aptitude test will take place at designated centres to be communicated to applicants at a later date and applicants are to fully bear the cost of transportation to and from Aptitude test centres.

Application is open to 100 level students only.

1. Before you start this application, ensure you have clearly scanned copies of the following documents

Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
School ID Card
O’level Certificate
Admission Letter
Birth Certificate
Proof of Local Government Area of Origin
Letter from Community Paramount Ruler
Letter from CDC ChairmanJAMB Result

  1. Ensure the documents are named according to what they represent to avoid mixing up documents during upload

  2. Ensure you attach the appropriate documents when asked to upload 

To apply, follow the steps below:
1.    Click on “Apply Now” tab.
2.    Click on “Register Now” to create an account. 
3.    Proceed to your email box to activate your account 
4.    Click on  www.scholastica.ng/schemes/naocscholarships to return to Scholarship site 
5.    Enter your registered email and password to upload your information. 
6.    Enter your personal information, National Identification Number (if available),  educational information, other information and upload required scanned documents. 
7.    Ensure the name used in application matches the names on all documentation in same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise. 
8.    Ensure you view all documents after uploading, to eliminate errors during uploading. 
9.    When asked to upload photo, upload a pass-port photograph with a white background. 
10.  Recheck application information to avoid errors 
11.  Click “Apply Now” to submit information 
12.  You will receive an email and a sms that confirms your application was successful. 
13.  Return to  www.scholastica.ng, enter your Email and Password to download your profile and proceed to have your Head of Department sign the document. 
14.  Upload a scanned copy of the signed profile, this would be used for verification. 
15.   If National Identification Number (NIN) number was not available in step 6, to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN) Visit  http://ninenrol.gov.ng to register and learn more about the National Identity Number   Click “Create Account” and fill in the required  fields   Login with Email and Password to complete the form   After completion, schedule a date for photo and finger print capture   Visit any of the capture centres https://www.nimc.gov.ng/?q=nin-registration-centres  to complete the registration process and obtain your National Identity Number   You can also do your total registration at the NIMC office 16. Return to  www.scholastica.ng/schemes/naocscholarships and update application with National Identification Number (NIN) to ensure completion

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Note: Multiple applications attract a disqualification penalty from the Scholarship board

1.       How do I apply for the NAOC Tertiary Scholarship Scheme? 
If you meet the requirements for the scholarship award, please complete the application form accessible from online application link inside the scholarship advert.    
2.        Who is eligible for the NAOC Tertiary Scholarship Scheme? 
There are two award categories: Host Communities Merit Award and National Merit Award.
The Host category is only open to applicants from Host communities while the National Category is open to applicants from Non-Host communities. 
3.       I am not from a NAOC Host Community; Can I apply for the Host category? NO. Your application will be void if you apply for the wrong category. You are advised to strictly apply for the national category if you are not from the host community
4.       What do I major in to apply for the scholarship?  The Host Communities Merit Award Scheme is open to applicants in any course of study. The National Merit Award Scheme is open to only applicants studying Engineering, Geology and Geosciences.   
5.   Do I need to be accepted into a particular institution, before I apply for the scholarships? 
Applicants must have gained full-time admission into a recognized Nigerian tertiary institution. 
6.       Can I send an open application? 
No. Application is strictly done through
application portal. 
7.       Will you confirm receipt of my application? 
Once you submit your online application form you will be sent an automated email acknowledging receipt of your application. You will subsequently be contacted if you make the Aptitude test shortlisted, if not you will be notified at the end of campaign. 
8.       What happens to my online application? 
Applications are stored in a database; after the closing date they are evaluated and a shortlist is compiled of qualified applicants. Applicants who did not qualify for the scholarship will be notified at the end of the scholarship campaign. 
9.       How do I create my profile? 
Visit  www.scholastica.ng and click on Register to create an account, activate your account via your email and return to  www.scholastica.ng to complete your user profile. Ensure you click NAOC Scholarship to open scholarship page. Then click “Apply” in the top right hand corner of your screen to apply. 
10.       Can I change my profile details? 
Yes, you can. You are responsible for the correctness of the details provided. To correct errors after submission of your application, kindly log on to your scholastica profile, click on “My Account”, a dropdown appears, then click on “My Messages”. You will be directed to a page where you can directly send a message to the scholarship administrator stating your corrections. The corrections will be effected and a mail sent to you to confirming it. 
11.   Can I change the course (programme) or institution in my application and can I add information to my application after submitting?
You cannot make any changes or additions to your application once submitted, and the deadline has passed. Applications that are not complete when submitted will be cancelled and will not be considered. However, if the application deadline has not passed, you can edit / make changes to your application online. Refer to  question 10 on how to do this. 
12.   When my details have been corrected after I applied, is this correction effected in my application or do I have to re-apply? No you don’t have to re-apply,  corrections effected before application deadline will be used during short-listing. 
13.   Where can I upload my passport photograph and other required documents? 
During the creation of your profile, click on the tab “Passport Photograph” and upload your passport in JPEG format, not larger than 200KB in size. To upload other documents, click on the tab “Documents” select appropriate document from the drop down list and upload. 
14.   What is the maximum size and image format of passport photograph and other required documents? 
Each document size should not be more than 200KB and the image format must be in JPEG. 
15.   I cannot find my course of study in the dropdown list online. What do I do? 
If your course of study is not on the list, send an email to scholastica@dragnet-solutions.com stating the name of your course of study, Faculty, CGPA Scale and name of institution. You will be notified in less than 24 hours via email once it has been added. 
16.   How do I know my application has been received? 
When you submit your application online, you automatically receive confirmation of receipt by email. Please note that your email provider may see this confirmation email as spam, so check if your junk or spam folder contains an email sent by admin@scholastica.ng You can visit your profile to view the status of your application. 
17.   I am unable to submit my application before the deadline. Can I submit it after the deadline? 
No. E-Application closes after the stipulated deadline. 
18.   Do I need to pay to facilitate the application? 
You are strongly advised not to patronize anyone by cash or kind. This award is strictly based on merit and meeting the award criteria. Note: Please ensure you understand the Instructions carefully before you start this application to avoid errors and disqualification. 
19.   Must I be of a certain age to qualify for the scholarship? 
20.   When is the scholarship application due? 
The application deadline is 9th March, 2015. Students are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the deadline
21.   How do I apply? 
Once you have identified the scholarship award category that apply to you, ensure that you read and follow the eligibility and application requirements for each scholarship. You must use the format advertised, and provide all the required documentation
22.   What must I submit with my application, to ensure it is a complete application? 
You must read the scholarship award information carefully and provide the documentation requested in the Eligibility requirements section.  
23.   Can I fax or email the application or its components to the Scholarship Team? 
No. Faxed or email applications or components will not be accepted. 
24.     Can I apply through the Representative in my university or hometown? 

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