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24 Jun 2016

Some Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Scholarships

Before applying for any scholarship, you truly need to make inquiries, attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to know each points of interest of the scholarship before applying for it. without much points of interest, below are excessive mix-ups you ought to stay away from while applying for scholarship:

Some Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Scholarships

1. Applying when not qualified:

Scholarship are focused at a particular class of students. Your application will undoubtedly be denied on the off chance that you don’t have a place with the alluring students. Ensure that you meet the scholarship requirements before applying.
2. Giving off base or conflicting information on the application form:

Ensure you fill in your data precisely. Indeed, even the littlest point of interest include, on the off chance that you were admitted in 2012, enter 2012 not 2013.

3. Not giving complete documentation:

Some scholarship plans indicate obliged reports to be transferred, guarantee you have all recorded archives accessible and transfer fittingly.

4. Submitting multiple applications:

Create one account and apply using that account only. Applications from a single candidate using multiple accounts will surely be detected.

5. Transferring pictures as passport:

Upload a proper passport not a picture.

6. Applying to the wrong scheme:

For scholarship schemes with various scholarship categories i.e Host-community based Scheme (e.g Nigerian Agip Oil Company scholarship scheme) and Merit-based scheme applications (e.g Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals scholarship) simultaneously open from the same sponsor, ensure you apply to the scheme you are eligible to appropriately.

7. Using a computer centre operator/friends to complete your application:

You know yourself better than anything any other person, don’t employ a computer operator or connect with your companions to apply for you.


That’s that on  Some Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Scholarships.

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