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21 Dec 2016

Life After School : An Untamed Advice For Fresh Graduates

“Hey fam! Graduation is in two weeks oooo…..”
“Guy! Go and collect your gown oo”
“Are we really graduating???”

All this might not sound real to you until the” D day”. The day you look at yourself and at your friends in the same type of gown. You smile, then you feel the urge to cry. Cry, because you might never see them again.
Four years, or more, spent together. All the crazy, fun things you did together. The fights, the break-ups, the make ups… Everything. Then you realise you ain’t little anymore, you realise you have a lot to do, you realize its time to face the outsideworld alonee, without your parents or anyone… Just you. Now don’t you panic because it will all work out well. But for it to all work out well, you have a lot to do.

1. SET GOALS, BUT BE FLEXIBLE: This might sound contrasting because you think that once you set a goal you have to pursue it relentlessly. Yes, you will have to pursue your goal but you also have to keep your mind open to new ideas.

While setting your goals, remember to allow room for changes. Supposing you set a goal to buy a car in 6 months and at the end of the day your means is not enough. Here is where flexibility comes in. You can move your time frame to a year and that solves it.

Sometimes you will fall, especially in the aspect of reaching your goals. The key is not giving up on yourself and your goal. Things dont work out somethings because you didnt do them well enough.

Also, you have to learn how to persevere. Not everything you do will work out well at first. The spirit of perseverance keeps you going.

2. LOVE YOUR WORK/WHAT YOU DO: If you love what you do, you won’t give up on it easily. Your love for it will keep you on your toes. For instance, your love for cakes would make you memorize the recipe and you’ll keep trying to make urs. Even if you keep failing, you make some changes to the recipe so as to get it right. This is the same way you work on yourself to get it right.

Also learn an extra skill. This should y something you love apart from your job. Probably you’ve always had a thing for photography or sewing, learn how to do this things. Not only will it make you extra productive, it will make you happier.

3. NEVER STOP READING and keep your eyes open: knowledge, they say, is never wasted. Dont think that because you are done with college, you will forget all about college especially the library. As a lady, a football conversation with your boss or even a coworker, will definitely portray you as an intelligent lady.

Step out of your study limit today. Because you are a science student doesn’t mean that you should not know anything about William Golding or even wole soyinka. Remember, a reader is a leader.

PS: this helps to improve your conversations

4. DON’T EVER ABANDON YOUR COLLEGE FRIENDS: This is very important because they are the same set of people you meet in your future. That college mate you dislike so much might be the CEO you have to interview in the future(as an OAP). even will always need your old friends no matter what. Some might even be a stepping stone to help achieve your goal.

5. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO VOLUNTEER: Now you are out of college, you need a job. I know right. But you have no work experience. What do you do?? You can always volunteer. Let me use radio broadcasting as a case study. To be employed in a top class radio station, you have to have work experience.

This work experience of a thing can be gotten easily(not that easily tho). You can volunteer at different radio stations like that of a college close to where you live. Funny thing is that most organizations need(and likes) volunteers. If you are good enough, I bet 80% that you will be retained.

6. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS: When you know you have just $5, don’t make a budget of $10. Where do you want to get the extra $5?? (except you are living on faith tho). When you are earning $100 per month, I don’t expect you to go rent a flat of $500 per annum when you have other pressing needs to attend to. You don’t have to live outside your means just because you want to please others. Remember, they won’t be the ones to suffer the consequences.

7. DISCIPLINE IS KEY: Discipline yourself in every way. While waiting to be employed, you can strive to wake up at the time you would when you resume work. This would help your body get used to the routine. Financially, you need to discipline yourself to buy (and spend on) what you need not what you want. Also, discipline yourself at work to meet up with deadlines.

8. BE DILIGENT IN ALL YOU DO: Whether you are volunteering or you are working or learning a skill, diligence pays. You might think no one is watching but really, people are watching you. To round this up, let me share a story.

In a popular pentecostal church in Ibadan, Nigeria, a cameraman was always working diligently. If the man of God talks about a section of the church, for instance, the choir, he is always quick to move there and cover the section. This went on for long. Obviously, people didn’t see it as anything, am sure some didn’t notice at all. But there came a Sunday…
    That particular Sunday, the man of God was praising the choir for singing well. As usual the cameraman went to cover the choir. The man of God called the cameraman and told him to hand over the camera to his assistant and he should come forward. There and then, in front of the church and the online worshippers, the man of God commended his hard work and said he has always seen him working really hard. The man of God then ‘compensated’ him by saying that everywhere he(the man of God) goes, around the globe, the cameraman would be part of the media crew to follow him. He promised to organize his visa, his passport, everything. Just when no one expected, the diligent man was rewarded above his expectations.

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