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Reluctant Survivor By Sridala Swami Book Download

Reluctant Survivor By Sridala Swami Book Download


Acknowledgements are due to the editors of the following publications
in which some of these poems, sometimes in different versions, first
appeared: Nthposition, Chandrabhaga, Muse India, the ‘Talking Poetry’
section of Open Space India and the Open Space Anthology, 50 Poets
50 Poems.
• • •
It would be impossible not to acknowledge the impetus that the
interaction with my fellow poets, Sampurna Chattarji, Revathy Gopal and
Aditi Thorat gave to my work. Thank you! My biggest regret is that Revathy
did not live to see in print this book, which owes so much to her careful eye.
Thanks also to Nandan Gautam and Makarand Paranjape, who read
the worst of my work with great patience; to Meenakshi Mukherjee, who
gave me the opportunity to share my work with other poets and poetry
enthusiasts; thanks to Amita Desai for giving me the opportunity to read at
the Goethe Zentrium, Hyderabad, with so many other poets, and to The
Poetry Society of Hyderabad.
To the members of Caferati (http://bwc-network.ryze.com/), thanks
for many lively discussions on the thorny issues of language, form, what
makes for good poetry and how it ought to be read and critiqued.
Thanks to Mir Ali Husain and KVK Murthy, who read some of the
poems here, for their suggestions and appreciation at a crucial time.
And a special thanks to Jayanta Mahapatra, whose good wishes mean
more than I can say.
To Neelima Rao, who gave my book a wonderful cover, a big thank you.
Finally, my thanks to Keki Daruwalla for everything – I’ve benefited
immensely from our interactions in the last few months.
• • •
A small note about the epigraphs in the book:
The epigraph to the book is taken from Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘Next,
The Lisel Mueller epigraph is from her poem, ‘Monet Refuses The
The Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks, from the poem, ‘Silent
Articulation Of A Face’.
The Nazim Hikmet, translated by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk, is
from the poem, ‘Some Advice To Those Who Will Serve Time In Prison’.
The Arseniy Tarkovsky, translated by Kitty Hunter-Blair, is from his
poem, ‘Life, Life’. The poet himself read out this poem in the original
Russian, for the film Mirror, directed by his son, the more famous Andrei
The epigraph to the section And You Give Yourself Away is from the U2
song, ‘With Or Without You’.
The epigraph for the final section is taken from Jayanta Mahapatra’s
poem, ‘The Room Light’.



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