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5 Aug 2015

Lecturers’ Behaviours That Affects Students’ Performances

Lecturers in Nigerian universities exhibit some characters that do affect the outcome of students, here is a bit of them :

  • Skipping Classes : Some lecturers in our tertiary institutions fathom joy from this. Should we call it laziness? Or nonchalant attitude? They are probably into other private businesses to better their own lives, thereby hardly getting the chance to come and take classes. Then when the exam is around corner, they show up out of the middle of nowhere in particular and bombard students with notes and materials to read on their own.

  • Lecturing Instead Of Teaching : Breaking it down, if he faces the board as he murmurs to himself or dictates notes non-stop without no explanation whatsoever, caring not about the students, he lectures. If he’s always explaining and engaging with the students, asking them if they understand and speaking loud enough for them to hear him, he teaches. The difference is understandable, if a lecturer adopts the lecturing habit, students tend to perform not so good.

  • Setting Exam Based On What They Never Taught In Class : They probably believe that students will read above the syllabus and go off what has been taught in class, the guess is not always right though. Students will just keep staring at the exam paper on the exam day. Not that they did not read, but the lecturer did not set what he taught them.

  • Having Evil Mindsets Towards Students : Just because a lecturer did not have A in a course during his undergraduate days, he will mark students down so none of them will have an A. Bad!

  • Being Careless With Test And Exam Scripts : Some of our lecturers do not have good record keeping habit not to talk of arranging documents in an orderly manner. In the process of handling test or exam scripts, they misplace some and the student get no result when the result is released.

  • Failing Endowed Female Students Who Refuse To Satisfy Their Sexual Urge : Some female students are really endowed, not to lie. So once they apply and you turn down their application, you will fail their course till they retire.

  • Fixing Short Notcie For Exams Or Fixing Impromptu Tests : Some deliberately do this to record mass failure and probably catch those who are not reading or getting along with the course. Wicked act.

  • Copying And Pasting Mumu Handouts From The Internet : They just go on google and search for a key phrase concerning the subject matter, thumb through the results and fortunately find a matching page. Then they download the page word for word and print it out for students. This habit makes no sense.

  • Not Accommodating Questions – Some lecturers will just shut you down or yab education out of you if you dare ask them question in class. They have probably forgotten that customers are always right.

That should be all on the topic – Lecturers’ Behaviours That Affects Students’ Performances.
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    welcome to OAU
    Anatomy lecturer has only taught us once in 3months, and we are supposed to be taught twice weekly.

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