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11 Jan 2017

Just Lost Your Job? Here Are Some 5 Things You Can Do

Just lost your Job? Here are some 5 Things you can do

Indeed, it can be a most devastating experience to lose one’s job. Many have taken their lives as a result of being let go at their place of work. Depression, anger, resentment and all sorts of negative feelings set in and, therefore, it usually takes only the emotionally strong to get through a situation like this one triumphantly. However, in overcoming this challenge, you do not have to do it alone. This is why I’ve managed to come up with a list of five things that have been known to help people who find themselves in such situation as this one come out even better.

Take a break

Having being let go, first thing you need to do is to take a break. Do the things you love doing the most e.g take a walk, go to the gym, go on a vacation and so on. Do not get carried away by these activities. The purpose of doing these activities is to channel all those feelings of anger or resentment you might be feeling after being handed your sack letter, and also importantly to clear your head in order to think of the way forward.

Beware of your sympathizers

When such a situation befalls someone, it is only natural to start getting calls and text messages from friends, family and colleagues trying to show their sympathy for your situation. Take caution! Do not let their sympathies get to your head. The truth is these sympathizers may actually have good intentions and indeed their sympathy was supposed to cheer you up but it may in fact have the opposite effect because this sympathy is what may eventually push you into self-pity and depression which give rise to suicidal tendencies.

Reach out for help

This is not the time to withdraw yourself into isolation because of pride – swallow your pride, it doesn’t kill. Now, be wise in choosing your helpers. Remember, many of your sympathizers have nothing more to offer you other than their sympathies. Therefore, reach out only to those you know are ready to really support you both with resources and ideas.

Be positive

Your mind set has an important play in the role of getting you back to your feet. You must be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even though all may seem dark, else you are going nowhere. See the situation as a tough time, and you know what they say about tough times – they never last.

Carry out a self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is something that we all should engage in from time to time in order to keep ourselves in check, and in a situation such as this, it is even much more needed. Ask yourself questions as regards what may have led to you being sacked in your previous organization. Don’t do this in order to start doubting yourself or having feelings of regret or self-pity. Rather, do it in order to learn from your mistakes. After all, experience is the best teacher.

In conclusion, you must have been regaining your feet by now, after trying the steps above. Learn to use this opportunity as a stepping stone. Perhaps, your boss did the right thing by letting you go. Perhaps, you’ll even find s much more lucrative business out there – you never know. So keep hopes and never stop being positive!

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