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5 Jul 2016

HND Holder Vs Third Class Degree BSc Holder: Which is Which?

HND Holder Vs Third Class Degree BSc Holder: Which is Which?

First of all, Definition of Terms

Who is an HND Holder

One who has completed a course program at a Polytechnic in Nigeria. The certificate awarded upon completion of program is the Higher National Diploma (HND).

Who is a BSc Holder

One who has completed an undergraduate program at a University in Nigeria. The degree awarded upon completion of program is a Bachelor Degree (BSc).

In this discourse, I wish to clarify a few problems that has always characterized the issue of comparison of the HND and BSc.

Since time past the HND has always being considered inferior to the BSc. This, at least, was the idea inculcated in us by the colonial masters and this mentality is what many of us still hold onto today. This is not supposed to be so.

Over the years, Polytechnic graduates and students in Nigeria have proven themselves to be in no way inferior to their counterparts in the university.

Today, a polytechnic student could stand shoulder to shoulder with an undergraduate and even surpass him/her. Besides, Polytechnics have being known to conduct more research and practical works than the university. This prepares the students adequately for what is needed to face the outside world.

However, in order not to be bias, let us take a look at our friends in the university and see what edge they have on their counterparts in the polytechnic. First, it is important that we know that the university is an internationally recognized higher institution of learning all around the world. As such, a third class BSc holder may sometimes have the opportunity of furthering their studies in a way that the HND holder cannot because a BSc is recognized everywhere while same cannot be said for the HND. Besides, we look down on the HND ourselves in Nigeria, why then would international bodies regard it any more than we do.

Many employers today may not even include HND as one of the qualifications required for job vacancy positions. In light of this, HND holders may sometimes get automatically disqualified before even getting a chance at interview.

Another key point is, an HND holder may secure a good job real quick compared to a third class BSc holder, but the effect of this is that in the long run, a HND holder who fails to upgrade his certificate to a BSc may find himself bowing to that third class BSc holder (who has now added to his qualifications) whom he had left behind all those years ago.  

In conclusion, it would be wrong of me to declare a third class degree as better than the HND. However, now that we know we live in a country where much regard is not given to an HND Holder, it would only be wise of an HND Holder to try and upgrade his certificate to a BSc.

It is uncommon to hear of a BSc holder going for an HND in order to add to his qualifications. This is to say in any respect a BSc would always get preferential treatment compared to an HND.    

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