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27 May 2016

How To Help Someone Choose A Right Career?

If anyone goes through bio portion of most social media profiles, would be extremely amazed to see that many people are confidently ‘self employed’. Seriously speaking, some two to three decades, such a scenario was considered to be extremely impossible in any country and obviously in a third world developing country like India. But things have changed dramatically.  

In the early 60’s, green revolution brought in the much needed boost to India’s agricultural scenario and unarguably, lion’s share of India’s revenue came from the agricultural sector. But increasing population meant India’s fair share of agricultural land got reduced to a considerable extent and rapid industrialization became a reality.

Even today, the process is still on and the rural area is reducing to accommodate the bigger urban framework. No doubt, urbanization itself has got huge impact in the employability and employment domain too. Thus there has a paradigm shift in the career front in most countries and India is no exception. The whole approach to career has also witnessed significant change at present.

And let us not forget how come entrepreneurship has come forward in the present scenario. Even government policies make an effort or complement the new innovations so entrepreneurship can form flagship programmes and ultimately help in jobs. There has been clear shift from manufacturing heavy industries to skill based domain. Thus the demand for manpower or work power has slightly changed with regard to skill set required.

Henceforth it is absolutely clear that having the ‘right’ career is not at all an easy task. Be it right aptitude or attitude, there are so many issues which are to be considered in all such cases.  

Individuals or job aspirants often face many troubles or hesitations with regard to probable job aspirations. They often look for advices in education or training or educational opportunities. Although at present, with internet at the helm of affairs, it is not difficult to be aware of the new developments in these three domains. For example, in the educational front, students can now avail of distance, correspondence as well as online mode of education apart from regular degrees.

Dual degrees have become common. There are specific jobs too which can be done sitting at home. The problem of plenty can simply confuse the job aspirants. Side by side, often parents or teachers compel the students with their own choices or priorities or prejudices.

Often it is thus important to give students the proper exposure with regard to the available opportunities. Thus, the primary perspective for helping any student or job aspirant is to apprise of the contemporary job situation. There is no point in demotivating with negative notions of unemployment. The whole idea will be to make an individual self sufficient to be self employed.

Many students aim at pursuing public service jobs which require methodical studies and rigorous preparation. Individuals who plan to begin their own business often stumble with the idea of capital. They need to be motivated and find alternative way outs to revive plans.

The individuals can be advised to opt for online psychometric career tests . These tests are markedly different from traditional examinations as these are circumspective of logical, verbal, non-verbal reasoning and intelligence tests. Side by side these tests also give glimpse of the personal reality of the individuals, giving tips which they need to improve like soft skills and others.

Hiring career experts can also be a good preparation. They can certainly help in host of other activities. Especially as far as awareness regarding the present and future job trends, career counsellor can play active role. Apart from that while writing CV also and filling up application forms, career experts can help interested individuals in preparing for job interviews or in spoken English skills as well.

Many companies give extra impetus to job experience or article ship or internship. The job aspirants can also focus on such issues. Nowadays for studying or working abroad, there are various issues like passing GRE or IELTS exams or getting required work permits or visas.

The career experts can also guide the individuals in all these information and eventually help them to fulfill their dreams.

Psychological conditioning is another significant area which plays an integral part to growing careers of individuals. Unfortunately troubled life, family or society often plays a spoilsport to such. Thus individual psychological conditioning can also extremely vital to individuals.

No doubt, flexibility is one of those things, which defines a person and gives a glimpse of what he can do with patience, perseverance and skill. Thus a ‘right’ career is not too far away, rather just at a corner of the room where patience and smartness can bring the best from an individual. The only career itself can blossom into collective development.

This is a Guest Post By Ranabir Bhattacharyya :  a freelance writer for the last 5 years and have contributed for Time of India (Kolkata, Response), Rosevalley 365 din and MyIndMakers. Did his graduation from ST Xavier’s College (Kolkata) and have a Post Graduate Diploma studies in Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. Ranabir is a social media enthusiast and always keen on writing and sharing his views. 


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