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21 Aug 2016

Funaabites’ Protest And Nigerian Police Controversy – How It Went Down

Written By : Olajugba john a.k.a TRIPLEJ

It all started as a peaceful protest with the students needing the  management to provide them with security agents to save life and properties for students staying off campus  because a hostel (Adejoke hostel) was robbed overnight with a student axed down.The protest later turned into a riot after a police shot a student at the eye @ a very close range..this instigated the riot with students from Osiele and touts around joining the Riot…everybody present then tot the guy really died, this alone made the students go haywire and they all marched towards the VC church(divine height) with them destroying vehicles and burning some, the church really suffered because it was seriously damaged with the window glasses broken and the doors spoilt.

They later marched back to the camp centre (school roundabout).. and on passing through dambold somebody said “look at them looking at us and they can’t give us fuel or help matters” that’s when the students diverted to dambold filling station and damaged everything in sight ranging from breaking the pump glass to chasing the attendants out to them breaking the transparent freezer “con see how people dey take free soft drinks  /pure waters”

Still on the matter when the students sighted the police vans coming “wow, wow, wow” , the students really stood their ground  @ first daring the police to come and with some already setting fire on anything burnable just to serve as a blockage..it was really a tense moment because nobody was allowed to take any pictures..

THE police van was coming slowly because of the blockages on the roads but you can see them fully aimed, when the police got to O2C and they found out that students are still standing their ground they fired the first teargas “POAH”!! they fired it @02C it landed at dambold..” PUAFff”, chisos! Who go wait! Na today we sabi say corners dey camp, guys ran without looking back..but the policemen really didn’t stop the firing because they were firing continuously into the parts students ran into(one landed at my side while running) this got people running far inner and everybody just entering into any open door(even if na babaalawo house) ? ?

   When it seems the area is cleared, students came out from their hidings to the main road again and relaunched, destroying everything, and dismantling any wooden stall so as to use it as a blockage, the popular suya man stall wasn’t left out because it was thrown out in a toss ?but his cupboard was left because it has some of his equipment like Generators and some suyas(funaabites no dull for cold suya o). They were still on the blockage when we heard gunshots “Pa!pa!pa!”..it was unexpected and it was actually a gunshot, they actually fired! ?and they were coming with full force.. O boy!! Who be usain bolt? I ran and at the same time looked at the sky for any incoming tear gas so as to avoid walking on one.Every house was filled to the brim with students finding a place to hide.

The policemen came down of their vehicles and moved a little bit closer to the houses and fired a teargas into the house I was, this got everybody in the building coming out and crying unintentionally with mucus flowing out of their nose with the eyes as red as colour *deep red*.(students suffer o)
This police intervention got students away from the main road and the police force were able to clear the blockages for vehicles to pass through.
“Corners and shortcuts wey dey camp no be small o” because the students remobilized at mancot park in a more fierce mood and challenged the police one on one but the officers won’t allow any student moving closer because they kept firing the tear gas down @ the students.
(I think that’s when the commissioner quote “150students must be captured” came in ) because the officers are now after student’s chasing them seriously.. Hot race/temple run ? ?

   It seems the police had enough “tear_gas_can” because they were just firing it anyhow, @ this moment camp junction has been totally cleared with vehicles plying the road but the road to Funaab was still not motorable because the students weren’t giving anybody the chance to move at all with them burning everything  at the middle of the road  even banners weren’t exempted, at this moment a lady was caught by the students for taking pictures “Are you mad! Wetin you dey snap?you be spy abi! Give us your phone!burn her phone!format the phone!” the Lady was just pleading that she meant no harm that she was just trying to pick up her mums call but the students said “FORMAT THE PHONE!FACTORY SETTINGS!” she was later left alone..not until another brother was sighted coming from the footpath leading from that osiele side to MANCOT park and was taking pictures with confidence, angry guys rushed at him and confronted him “PLEASE, EJOR! SOMEBODY CALLED ME FROM UI, I AM HERE TO REPORT NI” (thunder wey go fire you still dey do press up).

Unknown to us the police had been moving closer to us..what we saw next was shocking and it got everybody running marathon..the police drove in toward the students  with full speed so they caught up with us..and immediately they dropped off from the van they picked race immediately giving we students a hot chase instantly.. I’ve you ever witnessed TEMPLE RUN? I witnessed it today because the policemen refuse to stop the chase just because they need a scape goat ? ?(animal pursuing hunter)

When the policemen found out that Funaabites sabi run no be small they gave up on the chase and went to the first house opposite mancot pack and picked some students

In the course of them calming down the atmosphere they fired tear gases incessantly to the few students at the end of the street which got the poor guys crying but they still stood their feet.

  What actually stopped everything was the policemen driving their van down to the end of the street(inner inner) as far as ARISH school.. And they got down and started chasing students this really calmed the situation because everybody don scatter patapata.
_In the course of me finding a place to hide I ran into a pit latrine toilet unknowingly but I had to bear the odour because I was being chased by a policeman shouting “Bring ya phone”_

Written By : Olajugba john a.k.a TRIPLEJ

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