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11 Aug 2016

I Failed WAEC 2016 – What Can I do? – Career Advice

We recently got this request from our  Career And Mentorship Page. Forwarded to us by an O’Level student, with the subject “Failed  WAEC 2016 – Advise Me . Below is the content of the request :

Hi Eduregard, first of all I appreciate your platform as it's a good source of information and knowledge for me as a person, keep up the good work. I have a problem please. I finished secondary school this year and did WAEC and NECO, but my WAEC result came out and I failed woefully, contrary to my expectations. Please what can I do? I am so depressed. I don't know what NECO will look like because I did my WAEC very well than the NECO, pleae advise.

Hi, thanks for contacting EDUREGARD, you most probably read our previous publication on Upgrading WAEC Results Being A Mere Fantasy And Scam, as at the stage it might have been something you could have considered, which is just a mere scam, there is nothing like upgrading WAEC result. It’s pretty obvious you are aware of that fact, to have requested for advice, we just needed to emphasize the point a bit more.

Tracing back to the statistics released by WAEC, out of 1, 544, 234 candidates who sat for the WAEC examination, a total of  878, 040 candidates, representing 52.97%, obtained credits in five subjects & above, including English Language & Mathematics. 

Let’s address the issue of depression first of all: Culling from a previous post on  What A Student Should Do After Failing An Exam :

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Omission of expected or required action – Failure ; isn’t a music that a man will ever like his ears to get plugged to. Moments when you studied really hard for an exam and still end up getting the letter after and before E and G respectively. Though I have never met anyone who purposely set out to be a failure as it’s something that is always strictly avoided but in case it turns sour, here are some of the things to do after failing an exam.

  • Forget about it and pick it all up again
  • Mind not the thoughts of others
  • Believe in yourself and change your perspectives
  • Separate your failure from your identity
  • Pray to God
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Remember, F.A.I.L means : First Attempt In Learning.

He who falls is expected to stand, he who stands is expected to keep up with the race, he who keeps up with the race should not look back.

You can continue reading here.

Now Can You Do If You Failed WAEC 2016?

You are quite lucky as you still have a result (NECO) that you await. Remember not the fact that you wrote WAEC better and still failed, which probably  according to your mentality insinuates a failure in NECO. O’Level examinations are quite unpredictable as various factors influence the results, ranging from your exam centre, invigilators, markers and so on.

You still have a very high chance in NECO, be optimistic for some success, you wil make it.

Meanwhile, on other off chances, you might want to opt for other related examinations like WAEC GCE and NECO GCE. For the news, the 2016 WAEC GCE form is still on sale, and it’s expected to end on the Friday, 19th August, 2016.

Just to be on a safer side, you can obtain GCE forms and write the exam subsequent to due preparations.

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Rounding off, you owe to yourself whatever step you need to take or you take for the betterment of your career, meanwhile, endeavour not to sit back and watch supersports all day while waiting for your NECO result, rise up today, write some more examinations to keep you close to the admission door, and if possible, try and acquire a new skill or learn something new everyday, to keep yourself better than yourself.

We think this piece will get to you in the right mood and be of help to you. Thanks for contacting us and we shall be looking forward to hearing from you in case you are still bugged.

That should be all on the reply to the request made on I Failed WAEC 2016 – What Can I do? – Career Advice.


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