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Day School vs Boarding School - A Comprehensive Comparison
27 May 2017

Day School vs Boarding School – A Comprehensive Comparison

One major decision parents have had to face in ensuring that their wards get the best education within reach is having to choose between boarding and day school. If you don’t know what the terms boarding and day school is, let me quickly explain. In a boarding school, students live in within the school premises and only go home during the holidays. On the other hand, day students spend only certain hours in school daily before s/he returns to their place of residence.

Inherent in both boarding and day school are a bunch of advantages and disadvantages which the student and his/her parents or guardians will have to decide on the most appealing. Below are some arguments for both sides. If you are torn in between the two choices, carefully examine the points made in this post before making a decision.

Day School vs Boarding School – A Comprehensive Comparison – See Below:

  • Cost: Generally, most boarding schools are more expensive than day school. This is expected considering that the ward is feed, accommodated and cared for in the boarding school which will involve additional payments. Let’s take a different look at the financial consideration. Will fending for your ward be more expensive compared to a boarding school? Put into consideration the fact that you will spend more taking them to parks and recreational centers, buying them food and snacks even when they are not hungry etc.
  • Independence: Your ward will most likely learn to fend for himself if s/he attends a boarding school. This is because they would have gotten used to not waiting on the parents for everything. This could be a disadvantage when your wardens begin to take major decisions in life and neither consults you first nor let you know after they’ve taken them.
  • Social Skills: Students who attended boarding schools tend to be more socially intelligent. They understand how to tolerate people with entirely different opinions and lifestyle. Day students could learn this skill too but not in a more practical way than boarding students.
  • Discipline: Live in most boarding schools is thoroughly planned. Every hour is fixed-up with an activity, including play time. This instills discipline, time consciousness, and diligence in the student. On the other hand, the day student loose counts of time while playing around with gadgets, watching TV series, chatting on smartphones etc.
  • Stronger friendship: In boarding school, students have built strong relationships that will last a lifetime. This is possible because they have spent time together much more than they would have if they were day students. They thus form a strong clique that continues to be of help to one another for life in many ways as they can.
  • Family Values: Parents with strong family values often seek to pass these on to their children. The best way they get to do this is to spend more time with their wards teaching, showing, guiding and correcting them. This won’t work well for a boarding student.
  • Vices: It has been widely reported that vices like cultism had developed from boarding schools and hostel. This has arisen from the need for the clique to protect themselves and look out for each other. Others include robbery, rape, drug abuse and homosexuality (In most African countries homosexuality is considered a social vice.)

What other factors should parents and wards consider when choosing between boarding and day school? Comment below.

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