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13 Jun 2016

CHECKLIST : Steps To Failure While Taking Your PHD Programme

CHECKLIST : Steps To Failure While Taking Your PHD Programme


One funny thing about failure is that it is not something that can be fully avoided. It is like a stepping stone to the next stage. The fear of it is what is called failure. Nevertheless, it is of no sense if one enters a pit with one’s two big eyes widely opened.

The journey of obtaining a PhD degree comprises of ups and down. It is a path you have to be very conservative of, if not, you will fall on the path of failure. So as for you to evade this, we thereby made a checklist of steps to failure while taking your PHD programme. Which we believe, having a close look at them and doing good to avoiding them will grant you success.

1.  Playing the game of blame:
One of the most dangerous steps which can lead to failure during your PhD programme is holding people – professors, supervisors, colleagues, etc. responsible for your fall.

John Burroughs said “You can get discouraged many times, but you are not a failure until you begin to blame somebody else and stop trying“. Instead of you to standup to the challenges, the best you can do is to look for who to fault on.

2.   Jackal of all knowledge:
Many people see PhD degree as the highest educational field anyone can attain. As a result of this, they try their best to make researches across all fields and always ready to showcase them in their thesis. Unknowingly, they are often seen missing the set target. Before they come to knowledge of what is wrong, they have already added another year to their expected years.

3. Anticipating a feeding hand:
Another inch you can make durng your PhD programme which is tend to slide your legs into failure is the inability to sit yourself up. There is no one, not even your supervisor, will make researches for you. No one will have the time to tell you what to and what not to do. Inability to know this is already a failure on its own.

4. The fear of been tagged a failure:
Another reason which possibly can make you a failure during your PhD programme is the fear of failing. Some students in the PhD schools are fond of choosing a familiar supervisor. This, they mostly do because of the fear that they may not be sound enough in their field of research and like to cover up their inabilities behind a known supervisor.

5.  Tiredness and relinquish:
People choose their fields of research base on different reasons. It is after some put their legs into the river that they realize they can’t cope with it. This has a great implication on them because we often see it that some won’t be able to continue the programme while majority are seen lagging behind.


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