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2 Aug 2016

Some Career Skills You Need Nowadays

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With the increase in graduates and corresponding decrease in job availability, the need for extra skills cannot be overlooked. These skills are necessary in order to put you in a much better and advantaged position in life.




This is probably one of the most valued skills in any aspect of life including your career. Leadership involves being capable of directing and unlocking the potentials of those being led. It is important to develop this skill whenever the opportunity presents itself.




Communication is necessary for progress and development in the society. Nowadays, most career development depends mostly on who you know and not what you know. Proper communication enables you develop this relationship with the people in your environment.




From my research and knowledge, this is the most emphasized skill by employees. This is no surprise as no project can be successful in the face of conflict. This skill is centered on tolerance, honesty and communication hence the need to pay attention to development of these attributes.




This skill is highly valued by a lot of organizations as it is a source of constant ideas and innovation which helps to keep their competition at bay. It involves being able to identify problems and thinking outside the box in providing solutions to them.




This is one of the many necessary skills which are not taught in schools. This does not require a degree in financing in order to be achieved. It simply involves having basic knowledge in Mathematics and developing an attitude of strategic planning and organization of your spending.




In order to get to top positions in your career, it is important to develop skills of negotiation and persuasion. This skill involves being able to put forward your conditions on a contract and also reach a mutual understanding with the other party/ies.




With the continuous development in technology, the need for more programmers continues to remain on the rise. Therefore, it is necessary to gain skills in at least one programming language in order to expand career opportunities.

This article is not an exhaustive one hence the need to develop other skills which could be highly beneficial to your career and life in general.

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