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22 Oct 2017


Being an officer of the armed forces is a profession of honour and dignity everywhere in the world Nigeria is definitely not being an exception. From the early 90s, joining the military especially the army in Nigeria is both a privilege and a show of your status in the nation because most of the time only the children of the very rich and influential can get in. The Nigerian military was also predominantly a male profession until decades later before females started considering it. The Nigerian Defence Academy in Jaji, Kaduna, North-West Nigeria was the sole institution of training. It still is the highest ranking training facility in Nigeria coupled with the fact that it is also a degree awarding institution. Anyone who successful completes the period of training graduates as a commissioned officer, a second lieutenant.


To qualify to get into the Nigerian Defence Academy the most important consideration is you being a citizen of Nigeria by law. The Nigerian military also have what is called the direct short service commission (DSSC) a nine months intensive training for professionals drawn from various disciplines to serve as officers in the non-combat services of the military. It conducts an annual intake of 100 cadets per service, totaling 300 cadets for a course. There is also a provision to increase the number whenever there is a need. The direct short service commission normally assembles in mid July of every year. For the course you also need to be a citizen of Nigeria, be between the ages of 22 and 35, and possess a minimum of lower credit or second class lower division for HND and degree holders respectively.


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The Nigerian army is the land branch of the armed forces and the largest among the armed forces. They have divisions, brigades, platoons, battalions, companies, artillery, battery and infantry. The ranks in the Nigerian army begin from Non-commissioned officers: recruit, private, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, warrant officer class 2, and warrant officer class 1. Commissioned officers: second lieutenant, lieutenant, major, captain, lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier general, major general, lieutenant general, general and field marshal (which has never been attained by anyone in Nigeria).


The Nigerian navy is the sea branch of the armed forces. They have five operational bases, five forward operational bases, two dockyards, and two fleets.  The ranks in the Nigerian navy begin from non-commissioned: trainee, ordinary rating, able rating, leading rating, petty officer, chief petty officer, officer, and warrant chief petty. Commissioned officers: mid shipman, acting sub-lieutenant, sub-lieutenant, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander, captain, commodore, rear admiral, vice admiral, admiral, and admiral of the fleet.

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The Nigerian air force is the air wing of the military that flies transport, trainer, helicopter and fighter aircraft for the military. The air force military school is in Jos, Plateau state. The ranks in the Nigerian air force begin from pilot officer, flying officer, flight lieutenant, squadron leader, wing commander, group captain, air commodore, air vice-marshal, air marshal, air chief marshal, and marshal of the Nigerian air force.


These careers guarantee power, influence and wealth. If you have a passion for the armed forces this is your opportunity to jump on this train, protecting the territorial integrity of our great nation. Shun sir!

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