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9 Jun 2016

Career Advice – Should I Choose A Football Career Over University Education?

This is a question forwarded to US through the contact form on our Career And Mentorship Page by a student, name withheld.

Here is the content of the message, copied and pasted as forwarded…

Hello EDUREGARD, First of all kudos to you guys for the good parts you are playing towards a better Nigerian Education. I would love to seek you guys’ advice on an issue bothering me. I’m a part 3 student of Chemical Engineering in FUTA and I’m on a third class degree. I recently got an opportunity to join a football academy in the UK, which is free of charge. Should I continue with my education or just fly abroad? I will be expecting a reply as soon as possibe. Thanks in advance.


Well, here is our piece for you.


Passion is the major driving force behind success. Look inwards and ask yourself; what is responsible for my current third class degree grade? Do you have passion for the study of chemical engineering? How do you see the study of chemical engineering enriching and bringing you happiness in the nearest future.  These are questions that you should ask yourself in order to provide answer to your original question. If you do have passion for the study of chemical engineering, I dare say you should not be on a third class degree in your third year in the university. Passion connects all the minor driving forces of success which include believing in yourself , getting rid of fear, staying focused, setting your priorities right (where does becoming a chemical engineer fall on your priority list?) and so on.

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Primarily on a general level, the essence of university education is to secure a bachelor degree to increase one’s chances of securing a high paying job in order to ensure one’s financial stability in the future. I once met a man who told me that what he was most appreciative of having passed through university education was learning to be a leader. Apparently, this man went to the university with the primary aim of obtaining a bachelor degree but in the end he valued the leadership qualities he now possesses than the bachelor degree he holds. In your case as well, I have a surmise that through the past three years  you have been on the university campus, you have also engaged yourself actively in football activities. Perhaps, this was how you even came to be recognized by a football academy halfway across the world.

To sum up, it is clear that you are happy and passionate about football and that passion is what has brought you this far in your football career. If you are studying chemical engineering in the university for the same reason most people are – to secure a good job, my advice for you would be that you pursue your football career – you would find all the financial stability you need there. You don’t wanna be an unhappy third class chemical engineering degree holder for the rest of your life. Consider all that I have opined and choose wisely!

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Rounding off, you are the best human in the position of convincing yourself rightly on what step to take and which to avoid, we only point you to the route.

We think this piece will get to you in the right mood and be of help to you. Thanks for contacting us and we shall be looking forward to hearing from you in case you are still bugged.

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