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8 Oct 2016

How Can Studying Abroad Give Your Career A Head Start?

How can studying abroad give your career a head start?


Studying abroad improves and enhances the career prospects of people in a variety of ways, but to frame it in one sentence it offers a vast array of new opportunities by taking you out of your comfort zone. The more you move away from the education system you are used to, the more new challenging opportunities will come your way. The recruiters prefer those who have studied abroad because they are aware of the fact that they have something to offer that others do not. The students having had studied abroad show the nerve of trying new things along with the confidence of going out and experiencing the same. So let us see few of the ways in which studying abroad helps you in your career.

Improved Contact Base

As you study abroad with other people from diverse backgrounds, the very first thing that happens is networking and by which it means making significant contacts in terms of friendships. You become friends with people from the same career and this helps you in the long run. For a young professional like you, having a worldwide network of people in the same career is an asset worth being proud of.

Language and Culture

As you study abroad, you are exposed to the new languages and culture which add value to your life. Businesses need people who are acquainted of both, the western culture and the eastern culture. Because of the multi-national companies being everywhere, thus studying abroad will give you an edge when it comes to topping that particular requirement. Knowing about the language and having a good command on it are two different things and in a world where English, of course, is the main language being used by the mass one must possess communication skills. Studying abroad gives you an upper hand when it comes to this for obvious reasons. Cultural knowledge is something which is counted as an added advantage as you can come up with better perspectives and options while making a decision during your tenure with the firm.

The impression it creates

A CV having your qualifications including your degree from abroad creates a great impression in a very short period of time. It reflects a great deal of passion, confidence and bravery to go out of your comfort zone to achieve something which speaks volumes about your personality. Staying away from your family and out of your comfort zone reflects a lot of maturity and level of commitment. This helps you in getting an edge over others in this competitive era.

Project Management/ Juggling Different Responsibilities

Studying abroad undoubtedly sounds fun, but if you have never stayed away from home then this might be a tough nut to crack. During your stay, you will come across various difficult and awkward situations which might demand your immediate attention and decision-making skills. Thus, having studied abroad, you become more equipped at handling high intensity, demanding jobs regardless of the field.

Becoming Independent and developing decision-making skills

Studying abroad puts you in a lot of thinking on your feet situations. You will have to take care of everything on your own as you will be staying and traveling alone every now and then and so it helps in making you independent. You will come across situations wanting you to minimize the risk and optimize the gain. Similar situations will come across at your workplace every now and then and so it will be helpful.

To conclude, studies overseas gives you an upper hand in the competitive field out there and helps you in getting a job with relatively less effort than others. Apart from that it also gives you an experience of a lifetime.


GUEST AUTHOR – Krishnali Mishra

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