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Can Multitasking Help You in Your Studies? How to Not Get Lost in To-Do Lists
9 May 2017

Can Multitasking Help You in Your Studies? How to Not Get Lost in To-Do Lists

Can Multitasking Help You in Your Studies? How to Not Get Lost in To-Do Lists

We all multitask whenever we have too much going on in our lives. If you talk to your friends, classmates or neighbors, there is not a single soul who will tell you they don’t multitask. But how does multitasking affect us personally and how can we manage all the work we have to do without getting lost?

The secret of getting ahead

The more you have to do, the harder it becomes to keep track of it all. Even if you have walls riddled with sticky notes and keep tabs on everything, at some point you will start doing two things at once. This is what we call “multitasking” and it essentially boils down to doing more things at the same time with the hope of finishing all of them sooner. But does multitasking actually work, and if so, why doesn’t everyone just do that instead of sometimes focusing on one thing at a time?

The truth is that multitasking is as positive as it is negative for your everyday life. Our attention spans have become increasingly short and we have zero tolerance for anything but instant gratification. Whether it’s a line in front of the cinema or waiting in the grocery store, it literally takes us a few seconds to get agitated and start tapping with our feet. Multitasking is a product of the 21st century where all the information is available to us instantly with a touch of a button. However, we fail to see the problem with multitasking when it comes to studying and preparing our exams.

One step at a time

Exam preparation and college life, in general, is a long-term process that takes months and years to bear any fruit. Many of us are so used to getting instant rewards and results for what we are doing that we are trying to do the same with our studies. Many people fail to grasp that multitasking, while sometimes useful and positive; can be hugely detrimental if done constantly.

Splitting your mental focus to several subjects, papers, assignments and chatting on the phone at the same time will exhaust you much faster than usual because you are essentially doing four things at once. Our brains are powerful and essential parts of our bodies, but even they can only manage a certain amount of work at a time.

Getting things done

While multitasking is tiring and confusing to many, it can also be very useful under strict deadlines and huge amounts of work that needs to be done. The secret to using multitasking properly is to filter out anything that can become a distraction while you are working.

Whether you are studying, reading, writing a paper or doing something else, decide on two or three things you will do at that time and cut out anything else. If you have excess work that needs to be done you can ask for some help around you or online. Best sites for writing help are known for writing professional papers for students across the world and it can be one of the ways you filter content and focus on work that really matters. Your to-do list should only carry as much work as you can personally handle – anything more than that will only make you anxious and leave a lot of work undone.


Multitasking is a modern way of doing things that were essentially done one by one in the past. Whether it works for you or not is a personal matter – not everyone can juggle that much information in their head at once. If multitasking does work for you, make sure that you use it sparingly and only in crisis situations. You will not only increase the quality of your work but have much less stress in your life as a result.


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