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31 Jan 2017

Bravo! See How He Got Three Job Offers In A Week

Written By ollamy

I give thanks to Allah for giving me the strength and courage to believe in my self, to make employers perceive me as the right candidate right from CV screening to the point of interview. Nothing feels good to be a self made devoid of any underhand influence other than your ability and God’s blessings.

This is a brief story about me. Immediately i finished NYSC, i was so determined never to sit at home doing nothing. I looked around my environment to secure a job with a cement trading company that paid me a salary of 10k. Soon, I joined Corona Schools Trust Council as a Graduate Teacher Trainee with the hope of being absorbed into their main teaching staff later on because i enjoyed teaching during NYSC.

Unfortunately, Corona Schools changed the goal post in the middle of the game. we were told that the programme is a corporate social responsibility and we wont be absorbed because there was no vacancy. mind u, we were paid 35k + feeding monthly. four months wasted for young, bright and brilliant graduates. After some weeks, i secured another job with an Audit Firm to learn practical accounting. Anybody who has worked with a small audit firm knows what it takes to be a man. Truly, i loved the job but left in frustration after 13 months on a salary scale of between 20-28k per month from Idimu – Maryland, Lagos. If no one praises me, i praise myself. The merry go round continues, got another job with a company that pays 50k. i enjoyed a little relief after NYSC. Spent 3 months and got offer with a capital market operator, my brother, the job no be beans, wake up 4am and return home around 10pm everyday coupled with transportation gulping more than 30% of my net pay.
That really fueled my desire to move again. i started applying voraciously to many job vacancies, related and unrelated skill sets. And finally, the 3 offers landed with a keen decision to be made.

Please be mindful that as a young person, i never set out to be jumping around jobs because of money. but when you find yourself in a let down situation, fight it. set standard for yourself and go for it. every employer wants the best and to continue to make more profit which is normal. however, no employer will pity u when it decides to sack you because you u are deemed to work below expectation.

Also note that for every place where i worked, my integrity and appetite for success always remain intact. it hurts me when i resign my appointments and observe that my employers still want me but hey, i can only hustle while i am still young. let us be sincere, how can i cope with 28k per month in Lagos, considering the distance for a guy who is around 30? when will i rent an apartment, when will i marry?

Ingredients for Success:
Set your standard
Believe in your ability
Be persistent
Never get discouraged
Be courageous
Sometimes controversial
Elements of greed
Never be docile
Be a risk taker
you can also add other qualities

thank you. may Allah bless our hustles

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