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24 Apr 2016

As A Student – Is It Possible Not To Sin

As a student, Is it possible not to sin? Like totally avoid sin? Not to continue with sin? Isn’t it possible? If possible, for how long? 5 minutes? 10 days? A year?

To this somehow rhetorical question, some can give a high and lofty answer that makes them sound really smart, while throwing in unnecessarily long words for effect. But some will probably just be making stuff up to sound good.

Instead, it is better to offer a response (which is slightly different from an “answer”). A response will generate a dialogue, whereas an answer comes across as definitive and final, mostly based on self perspective. Besides,   no one can even really give a generally acceptable “answer” to this question.

But first, let’s try and create a working definition for ‘sin.’ Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law, this time around, against religious laws.

I started there because I think it helps us in thinking more critically about the question.

Diving straight to probable answers, I will be considering myself in 3 different shoes, that of an unbeliever, an indifferent student and a religion fanatic.

Firstly according to an unbeliever, probably I am one of those students that can never attend religious gatherings no matter whatever you say. Then I will be like : Lailai, it can never be possible, so you mean I won’t join my guys when they wanna drink? Or when Busola enters my room I will just be looking like a dunce? Or whenever I have free wifi I won’t just feel like strolling into xvideos.com? Or I won’t copy and paste assignments online? Or if financial situation turns rough I won’t holla my dad for some project fees that do not exist? Just forget it, we were all born sinners. And death actually came through sin, so if every man will die then every man is a sinner. Infact show me that Bible verse that says it is possible to avoid sin!!!

Ooops, sounds harsh and ignorant to some people, while his associates might be like “no mind them jare”.

Now taking the side of a spiritually average student. Probably I am one of those students that attend religious gatherings only during festive days, or I call on God at times when situations turn totally unbearable. Well, I might try and avoid sin for a while, But sustaining that for any length of time would require intense discipline and years and years of practice. For a spiritually average student, this is almost unrealistic, and might not even be an advisable way to live life on campus.” (Pause: why would I say “might not be an advisable way to live?” Because life on campus can get very negative when we become focused on NOT doing thing A or B or C or D… we become obsessed with avoidance, and eventually we’re governed by fear and guilt and shame. Well, I might be wrong.

Finally, taking the side of a good christian. If we are to be asking, “As a student, Is it possible to move forward with life on campus or around school environment and avoid making bad ethical decisions (such as: not lying, not cheating, not swearing at people, not lusting, etc)” then I think the best response I could offer might be: well, very sure, that’s possible. You just have to shift your focus on achieving this away from your self, only the holy spirit can handle it, guide you and lead you in the right directions, you will never make mistakes or commit sins no matter how little. John 3-6 says : “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”

Well on a more general note, sins can be avoided, whether permanently or temporarily depends on your view of life.

Now let’s hear you, is it possible to live without sin, as a student?

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