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21 Aug 2016

How To Apply For Scholarships – 7 Necessary Documents

How To Apply For Scholarships  – 7 Necessary Documents

When applying for scholarships, there are basically some 7 important documents you cant just avoid. Even though every scholarship body has its own processes and requirements, but in general you will need to provide these information about yourself.

So, listed below are some 7 necessary documents you must have before applying some undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.

Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is one of the documents required by most scholarship bodies, the bodies request that candidates present their “introduction to the world testaments” – Birth Certificate. What’s more, where birth certificate is not accessible, age declaration can likewise be utilized.

School ID Card

School ID is one certification all the undergraduate scholarships require from students. However sadly, most schools don’t issue the school ID on time and therefore, numerous students are prevented the open door of securing these scholarships.

Local Government of Origin Identification Certificate

All scholarship bodies ask for the Certificate of Local Government of Origin from the applicants. This is essential with regards to scholarships that are area based for instance, Area of Operation scholarship award for some oil organizations. Since such scholarships favour students from the operational territory, students from non oil producing states search for approaches to claim they are from the operational zone and to handle this, the Local Government of origin recognizable proof is a necessity .

JAMB Result:

Clearly any one who picked up admission into a Nigerian University is more likely than not experienced the examination of Jamb Admission and Matriculation board scoring no less than 180 or more. Numerous Nigerian scholarship bodies request JAMB result for application. Some scholarships request JAMB score of 60% or more of JAMB aggregate score.

Be that as it may, we encourage students to apply for any scholarship they are qualified for in as much as such student passed JAMB and meet every single other prerequisite.

O’level Result:

Basically all scholarships request O’level result for their application. The O’level results incorporate WASSCE, GCE, NECO and NABTEB.

Albeit all these have a place with O’level, some scholarship bodies request that the O’level result must be WASSCE or any of the aforementioned in one sitting.

Scholarships like that of Mobil Scholarship interest 5 A1 while Federal Government Bilateral Scholarship request 5 Distinctions in significant courses including English and Mathematics.

Admission Letter:

If you should win an undergraduate scholarship, you should show a proof that you have been admitted into the institution and course of study you assert.

The Admission letter can either be from JAMB or from your school. Albeit once in a while, a few scholarships determine the real affirmation letter they require.


Most frequently the organization responsible for screening scholarship candidates give size, shading and age of the international ID required for the scholarship application.


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