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An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Written By Stanley Ekpa
19 Jan 2016

An Open Letter To Donald Trump – Stanley Ekpa

This is An Open Letter To Donald Trump By Stanley Ekpa

I write you with courtesy as a global citizen of the humanity nation which you also belong. I choose to write you in specially recognition of your boldness to some truth and fallacy particularly your most recent assertion to send home all Africans especially Nigerians upon your Victory.
The truism in the premise of your assertion is appreciable. African leaders ‘rob’ their people dry and stock same in your States for the advancement of your economy. Our people are taking up all low scheme jobs for the improvement of your economy.
You will recolonize us because our leaders lack innovation to build our countries through sustainable development.

Your bold attack on the African continent could be forgiven giving the fact that we are yet to become a major contributor to international development and peace even though a larger percentage of the raw materials for your industrial and manufacturing sector comes from Africa.

Mr President in the making, let me humbly bring some issues to your ‘witty’ notice. Africa has largely made big sacrifices for the modern America. It will be uncharitable to think of reinventing a racial-colony upon your assumption of office if you eventually win your presidential. More importantly, if you win the election the nature of your office demand building global unity than global enmity; giving quality global leadership. Need an African young boy like me remind you that the promise which your superpower nation is built upon? The promise of universal liberty, equality and freedom; a promise which your nation has pursued to the domination of the world. Or need I be less truthful to inform you that most of your nation’s programmes and designed aid policies for countries like ours have hugely led to the debt of our underdevelopment.

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If truly you are thinking of teaching our leaders the concept of leadership, I would therefore recommend some exceptional leaders like Nelson Mandela, John Magufuli, and other great African leaders whose leadership savvies could not enter western history book. If you are ahistorical about this I would recommend you take a Course in African History from any African or Nigerian Universities.

I understand I do not have the social status to engage Your Excellency on global issues but certainly I have a sizable right to educate you that Nigerians and Africans are the world’s most industrious, enterprising and entrepreneurial class of people. We can survive on our own without your aid and assistance if we have good leaders to harness and development our natural and human resources. If we have quality leaders to give innovative direction and provide the enabling environment for our progress.

Your political assertions are only a wake up global warning for our leaders. And if our leaders fail to respond with appropriate change of heart, we the young ones will. Our generation shall not tolerate any further foreign effort to undermine the dignity of our nation and continent. Our challenges are merely clothed opportunity for our greatness, We shall overcome, we shall win, we shall re-engineer and rebuild our nation for sustainable and lasting prosperity.

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Till then Sir I shall only wish you the best in your race and humbly advise that you value other citizens of the humanity nation the more in the noble cause of your journey through this complex plane called life.

EKPA, Stanley Ekpa
Proudly a Young Nigerian,

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