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All You Need To Know About Them
To All Educated Illiterates - Education Is Beyond Certificate
6 Jan 2016

Who Is An Educated Illiterate? – All You Should Know

Previously published a post on Educated Illiterates , this is just getting it more broad. Read along,   Who Is An Educated Illiterate? – All You Should Know : 

Looking so pompous on top of his high horse of pride with shoulders nearly levelling with his head as if it’s being supported by a shoulder pad, he claims to be a graduate of Computer Science but hardly can he code in five different programming languages or simply assemble a dissembled computer system from scratch.Smiling next to him with that on-top-of-the-world posture, ignorant of who he really is, is a PhD holder in Mathematics who can hardly construct an English phrase without that awful odour of flaws in his construction. Nothing qualifies them better than this collection of contrasting qualifiers ‘Educated Illiterates’.

That man whose orientational portion gave an admiration which took him across illusion and place him against the first impression of illiteracy, he made a decision and opted for an admission in a formal environment, after series of examinations he was blessed with a certified qualification which led to his graduation that sky-rocketed him out of his former zone into an administration where there’s no petition, sanction or differentiation whatsoever but an ovasion for the submission of people to respect him as someone who has undergone ‘Education’, is who I, as an average Nigerian, will describe as an ‘Educated Man’.

But being harmolious to how a man of higher mentality and experience would have viewed it, an educated man is that man who might not be so much learned, but have been able to scape through some sorts of
believed-to-be-hard tests transarently or not, which makes him seem much better than others who are not as favoured as he was.

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Moving closer to the matter, an illiterate, in accordance to a man whose brain is believed to be at a moderate puberty-like level, is someone who is unable to read and write due to some undone deeds that
should have been done.
According to someone who reason like a philosopher, an illiterate is not someone who can neither read nor write , but someone whose knowledge and mental exposure is defected and is inclined not to realize he is making a fool of himself when speaking to an audience of experts about a topic which he himself knows little or nothing about.

Gramatically, “Educated” and “Illiterate” sounds like two conflicting words, but they can both qualify a single man if such man has the traits of both opposing adjectives.

educated illiterate [eduregard]
Therefore, an educated illiterate is someone who, although educated to an acceptable level, sometimes display as if he is from the planet “Pluto” where even air doesn’t exist not to talk of formal
or informal education.
He behaves in such a way that is unheard of and unexpected from someone of such educational callibre.
That kind of scenario where even a man who has been soaked in the elixir of illiteracy would have acted and performed better than he did.

Futhermore, most educated illiterates live with such illiteracy without the knowledge, those of them who are slightly aware will hardly succumb to the fact that they are learners when it comes to
certain issues.
They are always on their high tops looking down on the illiterates as such they are ants.Perhaps they do forget the wise quote of Wiz Khalifa; “Never look down on people unless you love their shoes”. They are inclined to argue relentlessly despite been proven wrong and will hardly attest to the fact that their knowledge and understanding
have limitations.

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Believe me you, we were all born illiterates, but the illiteracy slightly fades off our veins to certain considerable levels as we advance in regards to exposure and formal education. But whomsoever wishes to know, Illiteracy can hardly be erased off the sands of time,  just like the erratic collection of dirts in the unkempt hair of a
madman, it has come to stay until certain needfuls had been done.

So, the “Educated(Illiterates)” should start getting off their high horses and stop galivanting around, brutalising our psyche as if they are the messiah. As my teacher will say “It is better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you are an illiterate than to open it and clear all doubt”.

That should be all on  Who Is An Educated Illiterate? – All You Should Know



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