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28 Dec 2016

7 Ways To Tell If Your Campus Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

7 Ways to tell If Your Campus Boyfriend is Going to be Rich

For a lady, if you are already on campus now, you might have started looking forward to choosing a partner with whom you may spend the rest of your life. Before that happens though, you would have been involved in a couple or more relationships on campus. While some ladies are lucky to find their Mr. Right right from the start, some may not be so lucky. Of course in choosing a suitor, you have to consider what the future of your suitor may likely hold. Therefore, here are some early signs by which you can tell if your campus boyfriend is going to be rich

He has long term goals

Your campus boyfriend most likely has a wealthy future in front of him, if he’s got long term goals, that is, he doesn’t concern himself too much with frivolous comforts that are short-lived but rather invests his resources in ventures that are bound to yield great results in years to come.

He’s a problem-solver

Someone once said, “there are two kinds of people in this world – the ones who create problems and the ones who solve them”. Look at the richest man in the world – Bill Gates, what is in essence enriching him is the fact that he’s solving people’s problems. My dear, if your boyfriend has shown in more ways than one that he belongs to the latter group, stick to him and support him all the way. Trust me, you’ll never regret it.

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He’s a frugal Spender

The truth is the richest people in the world today most probably had humble beginnings and so were not given to living an extravagant life from the start. They are frugal spenders who are good at avoiding unnecessary expenditure. If your boyfriend belongs to this category, then he’s most likely on treading on the path towards wealth.

He’s quick to take the blame for others

Even when he has little or nothing to do with the issue at hand, he’s quick to blame himself for whatever had happened. This shows he’s selfless and has a sense of accountability of the effects of his actions and these are qualities you’ll find in almost any great man

He’s disciplined

A man without discipline is a leaf in the wind – he’s carried away by every wave of the moment without ever having his own stand. For a man to really make it in life, this is a principal virtue to be acquired at all costs. If your campus boyfriend happens to possess this, then he’s going places.

He’s an action man

If your boyfriend is more of a doer than a talker, then he’s the real deal. Great wealth isn’t acquired overnight, it requires taking actions and pushing the right keys.

He believes in himself

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He knows his strength, knows what he is very good at and he believes in his ability to be able to monetize his skills in the future. This exactly the man you need as a boyfriend and may be even a life partner.

His Influence on you

In conclusion, you’ve been dating for some time now, now look back and see how positively and negatively he has affected your life during the short or long period of your relationship. I believe you can always make a decision from there on what the future has in store for him or for both of you, if you decide to continue with the relationship.



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