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3 Nov 2016

5 Tips For Staying Sober Through College

5 Tips For Staying Sober Through College

So here you are in college, this may be your first experience with living on your own. The personal freedom to do what you please can be too much for some. Time management and responsibility is preached at almost every college orientation, but what you do with your time is completely up to you.

There are many tails of people going to college and completely failing to meet their educational goals because they become consumed with social life. Drugs, alcohol and the opposite sex are usually major culprits when explaining the shift in performance from high school to college. If you are entering college, there are ways to enjoy the college experience while staying drug and/or alcohol free.

  1. Joining a Club – Living on campus can be scary. A new way of life awaits you, new people, and in most cases, a new area. Many people go to college parties and drink as a form of socializing and making new friends. Joining a club is a positive alternative, that can be more fun than partying. Clubs are formed on campus for just about anything, believe it or not, there are others who share similar interests. Most clubs hold weekend meetings and plan group trips or events.
  1. Attending Events – Another way to meet people is by attending other club events. College is a chance to learn new things, meet new people and gain difference perspective on life. You can do this in between shots at a party, or in a group setting with sober, like minded individuals. There is usually always something go on at a college party.
  1. Planning Trips – You can spend your weekend partying and drinking at a dorm or frat party, or you could gather a few friends for a quick weekend get away. Did you know your university was only 35 miles away from the worlds largest ball of yarn? Awesome!
  1. Studying – This may seem like a stretch but there is always time to go over what you think you already know.
  1. Don’t Stress! – The last and most important tip is to not stress or worry! Many students report stress as a major reason of drinking in college.  If you are prioritizing your time correctly, you may be less likely to stress. One way to do this is not put assignments off to the last minute. If a paper is due in two weeks, start in and work on your assignment a little at a time. Taking the time to study, and staying sober are two great ways to keep your stress low.
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You can make it through college without drinking and drugging. Too many times, students think they can manage drinking every weekend and end up failing classes or having to go to a luxury rehab center to help them end their addiction. If you are struggling with an addiction and in college, consider ending your addiction before continuing with your education.

A luxury rehab center that allows internet access can be a great option for a college student struggling with an addiction. If you are struggling with an addiction, talk to your counselor about finishing courses online while you get help with your alcohol problem. Worse case scenario, you can take care of your health first and start fresh the next semester.

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