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5 Things To Expect After University - Fresh Graduates Come In Here!
12 Jan 2017

5 Things To Expect After University – Fresh Graduates Come In Here!

5 Things To Expect After University – Fresh Graduates Come In Here!

So you are out of college? Congratulations, now calm down and read below some 5 things to expect after university:

  1. Attend alumni(Old students) events

    Most universities have alumni events you can attend, every few years or so. This can actually be a very good way to answer the “what should I do with my life?!” question, because alumni events provide the chance to meet people who are the same age as you and have attained a similar education. Get inspired by them; share your experiences; exchange advice and discuss idea. At some point, you will realize that you have actually achieved a lot since leaving university; you’ve finally adapted to life after graduation.
  2. Have time to travel

    Having difficulties adjusting to your new lifestyle means you need to occupy yourself as much as you can! It is true that you need to be more responsible now, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy yourself a bit? Take some time off to travel, see new places, visit foreign friends perhaps… real life can wait a bit, don’t you think?
  3. Stay in touch with your colleagues

    It is a good idea to stay in touch with as many of your former course mates as possible. After all, you are in the same boat and can easily relate to each other. Maintaining connections with your university community might make the transition to life after graduation a little easier, and show you that everyone else is going through the exact same stages as you. The friendships and professional networks begun at university are also often likely to be some of the most important you’ll form, often lasting for life.
  4. Find an internship or a job

    After graduating from university, you do of course need to think about your future career. It is a good idea to find an internship or a work placement of some sort. A good diploma is important, but real work experience is often just as valuable. Even if you can only find an internship which is unpaid, or voluntary work, my advice is: take it anyway, because now is the time to experiment with different positions and build a strong CV.
  5. Engage in some independent study

    If you simply can’t get used to the idea that you are not going to have any more lectures and seminars, and feel like you are never going to learn anything new again, well, you are wrong! There are plenty of independent study options out there – just decide what interests you and sign up! You can enrol on a MOOC, listen to lectures on the internet, read whatever takes your fancy. There is always so much you can learn, as long as you want to, and now you have the freedom to actually explore what interests you the most; don’t let your brain get lazy. Keep exercising all those independent study skills you’ve spent the last few years acquiring. Make learning a continuous exercise

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