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15 Dec 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be A First Class Student!

Contrary to the one-noise of graduating with a first class degree, and going in opposition to the view of first class superiority, I would say ; the so-called first-class degree is just ot worth it!

So, right on this write-up I would be giving you some 5 reasons why you should NEVER be a first class student, no pun intended.

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DISCLAIMER : The opinion in the post is solely that of the writer, who is ofcourse just another human entitled and responsible for his ideas, right or wrong. In case your perspectives doesn’t go in the same direction with it, you are free to drop a Guest Post to counter it.

So read below : 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Be A First Class Student!


1. MORE WILL BE EXPECTED FROM YOU AT INTERVIEWS : You said you graduated with a first class right? Then expect to tackle the killer questions the mean interviewer is going to throw at you. With his knowledge of your first class degree, he would expect you to possess some strangely high IQ level, which you might not. Any flop in the interview process might get you the question “I thought you said you graduated with a first class degree“.


2. YOU WOULD BE EXPECTED TO KNOW EVERYTHING IN AND OUTSIDE YOUR FIELD : Forgetting that being a first class student doesn’t make you a professor over the night, peeps would expect you to know even the unknowns once you ar a first class student.

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3. YOU WOULD BE EXPECTED TO AND MUST BE RICH : Once you are a first class graduate, you either get rich or get rich. Else, you would be that bad example that flows with sentences like “See Badmus, he made a frist class degree and he’s still as broke as hell”. You will be the reference in cases like that.


4. YOU MUST BE SELF-EMPLOYED : The entrepreneurship noise makers expect every first class graduates to be self-employed or be an entrepreneur, otherwise, they will refer to you as a corporate slave.


5. YOU WILL ALWAYS MAKE HEADLINES : The number of first class applicants for jobs will always be a headline.



GUEST AUTHOR : Oladele Thomas, a 200 Level student of University Of Lagos.

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