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4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy In College
26 Jul 2017

4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy In College

4 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During College


From studying for class, part time jobs and balancing an active social life, college students have many things to do with very little time. With all of this going on, health is often put on the back-burner. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple changes that could be implemented to improve student overall well-being, without too much effort.


#1 Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking is a huge part of the social life for many college students, despite it playing a potentially negative role in their overall health and well being.  Beer typically has over 100 calories and mixed drinks can have much more, so the calories add up fast.  It is also hard to eat well when you are drinking because it is so easy to turn to late night junk food. On top of all of that, being hungover makes it harder to stay active the day after drinking, so you will need extra motivation to get to the gym and work off added weight.


You do not necessarily have to stop drinking altogether, unless you are on your way to alcoholism rehab, however, you should seriously consider cutting back at a minimum if you want to see positive health results. The best way to keep your alcohol consumption in check is to be conscious of when you are drinking. On days when you know you will be drinking, you can add in more intense workouts and healthier meals to make up for all of the calories you will be adding. It can also help to limit your drinking to weekends and special occasions if you feel like you are drinking too often.


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#2 Walk To Class

If you go to a school that will let you have a car on campus, it is easy to get into a routine where you find yourself driving into class every day. If you live close enough and the weather is nice, consider walking or riding your bike to class instead.  Walking or biking is a great way to easily fit exercise into your busy schedule and will be a way to relax and take away the stress from some of your responsibilities. Your time in college is not going to last forever, so you might as well enjoy the scene on your campus when going to class.


#3 Drink More Water

It may be hard to stay away from the bottomless soda fountain in the cafeteria, but making straight H2O your drink of choice is certain to pay off in the long run. Water can give you more natural energy and focus, making energy drinks unnecessary, and can help you lose weight.  Staying hydrated throughout the day limits your overall hunger, especially if you drink water right before meals, as this tends to make you feel full quickly.


#4 Sleep

It is hard to get your 8 hours of sleep in college where there always seem to be deadlines in the way. Even if you do have an exam or a big paper coming up, it is important to understand the value of sleep in your schedule. Without sleep, you will be more prone to getting sick, and have much less focus throughout the day.


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To make sure you are getting enough sleep, it is helpful to use the rule of thumb that not much productive happens after midnight. When you are up late it is much harder to study or work on papers, and you are likely much better off when you have energy and focus in the classroom.

Unlike taking all of your major’s core classes, gaining the freshman 15 is not a requirement to graduate. Even with the hectic schedule, you have ahead of yourself, you should still be able to mix in some healthy living practices. The information you learn in classes may be important for your future, but your personal health should be equally as valuable.


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