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33 Online Resources For Writing a Research Paper
19 Nov 2016

33 Online Resources For Writing a Research Paper

        33 Online Resources For Writing a Research Paper

Research papers are a common task in colleges and other institutions of higher education. This assignment is excellent in term of finding required information, structuring it, acquiring new knowledge and improving writing skills. Students are often asked to do research and to present the results.

The process of working on a research paper consists of several steps and usually includes planning the whole thing, collecting the data, working on structuring and organizing this material, writing the text and arranging the citation list.

Doing it is not always easy, but some digital tools can help a lot. The following are the resources that students may find handy at every stage of working on a research paper.

For getting information

  • Writing Research Papers – This source will offer you a lot of information and tools on writing a research paper. Here you will learn how to write a thesis, make a plan for your work, make revisions, etc.
  • Info Please – credible information on different topics from various sources.
  • LabRoots – this is a social network for research where you can look for ideas and collaboration.
  • Useful Science – here you can find many latest science trends and discoveries or your work.
  • Snopes – here you can find hundreds of research of rumors. The site is focused on folklore, myths, legends, etc.
  • Biohunter – it’s a great place to look for academic articles, statistics, journals, etc.
  • Pubget – this one is a search engine for scientific PDF documents.
  • Google Scholar – this tool works like Google search engine, but the difference is that it shows you only the likely results including journals, pdf documents, etc.
  • Edmodo – it is a social media platform for students, scholars and teachers where you can reach for ideas and information.
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For brainstorming

  • MindMup – here is another mind mapping tool with a slightly different set of features.
  • Mind Manager – it’s a brainstorming and mind-mapping tool that can be very handy for your research.
  • Unstuck – this tool helps you in case you are stuck on any stage of creating your research paper.

For organizing and structuring information

  • Zotero – Zotero can be a very handy tool for online researchers. With its help, you can collect the information, cite it, create bookmarks, synchronize the information and share it.
  • Google Docs – this cloud tool is particularly convenient if you work on your research with someone else. Even if you do it alone, you can keep documents, literature, e-books, etc. here and work on the text for your paper from any device.
  • Delicious – here you can store, organize, discover and share a different kind of information.

For writing

  • Plagiarism Checker – all students are recommended to check their paper for plagiarism before handing it in.
  • Copyscape – this is another plagiarism checker that has more features. It is paid, though.
  • Hemingway App – this tool is for editing your paper.
  • Write – this is an everyday distraction free tool for the writing part of your research paper.
  • OmmWriter – is another writing tool that allows you to focus solely on your paper.
  • Prezi – in case you need to use a presentation for your paper, this tool will help you create one.

For references

  • Easybib – one of the best resource for making a bibliography for your research paper.
  • Mendeley – it is a tool for references and a network for academics.
  • OttoBib – another great resource that can create a citation list for you.
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For productivity

  • Focus Booster – time tracking app for productive work.
  • Wunderlist – this is a to-do list that you can use to follow the progress of your research paper.
  • Toodledo – it is a to-do list program that you can use to track your progress.
  • Study Hacks – this is a very cool blog with tons of information for students on how to be more productive.
  • Getting Smart – here is another site that offers many tips and tools for students.
  • RescueTime – this tool shows you reports on how you spend your time on your computer. It can help you see whether you are dedicated to your studying enough.
  • Sleepyti – this tool can tell when it’s the best time for you to sleep to be more productive and refreshed the next day.

Dealing with a research paper is not a walk in the park, especially if you get assigned to a complex topic that has not been studied much in the past. Hopefully, these tools can help you to create a research paper with minimum hassle and effort. Choose the ones that work best for you and go ahead creating academic masterpieces.


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