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3 types of relationships you should avoid in school
7 Feb 2016

3 Types Of Relationships You Should Never Have In School

There are some T ypes Of Relationships You Should Never Have In School, especially in the University. As universities are hotbeds for all kinds of relationships, good and bad, from everlasting true love to an awkward one-night stands originated from a dinner party.

You might have made mistakes, you might not. Either ways, here are the list of things and people not to do in terms of relationships in the university.

1. Do Not Have A Relationship with your lecturer

It’s quite understandable that at times, you might be attracted to the person imparting wisdom and learning to you on a daily basis. There are all too many occasions for attraction to blossom; seminars where everyone else is too hungover to turn up, or the aptly named “personal” tutorials.

Relationships between faculty members and students are pretty common, and rarely prohibited by universities.

But most relationships you have at school aren’t going to end happily ever after. Most likely, if you get into a relationship with your tutor or lecturer, it will implode at some point, and you’ll have to endure the awkwardness and pain of forced contact with an ex who still holds the position of power over you that was so attractive in the first place.

Or, worse, you’ll just hit on a lecturer when drunk on free departmental wine, be rejected, and have to spend the next three years studiously avoiding them, and never ever taking any of their courses

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2.Do Not Have A Relationship with your flatmate

Having a relationship with someone you already live with escalates everything; you can get close really quickly, but that makes it harder if you then split up.  ” Don’t do it“– else you want someone to be visiting you day in day out, all days, which will instigate some things to happen and definitely make you both get tired of each other really quickly.

3 types of relationships you should avoid in school

3. Do Not Have A Relationship with a sabbatical officer

Sabbatical officers are students who take a year off between or directly after their studies to take on key positions in the student union. Relationships between students and people like this might not immediately seem particularly ill-advised, and you do get a kind of second-hand power rush from dating someone vaguely important.

But when it ends, and there’s a cardboard cutout of your ex that creepily guards the entrance to your uni, it becomes peculiarly painful. As are all the emails, the weird pictures of them dressed up in a novelty reindeer costume, and the realization that it’s very hard to get over someone when they’re around all the time.

Do you have more to add to the list? Comment below.

Well, research also tells that however spectacularly you get your heart broken, eventually it’s okay. Just try and listen to Taylor Swift a lot, write a semi-ironic newspaper article about it all, and finally reach the point where you can see your ex and be happy that you once had a good time together.

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Because school is where you do stupid things that you think you’ll regret forever (like studying philosophy in the middle of a recession, great idea), but actually, looking back, you realise that it was all properly, wonderfully brilliant.




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