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8 May 2016

16 Funny Pictures Only Graduates And Job Seekers Can Relate To

Here are some 18 Funny Pictures Graduates Can Relate To

You are finally in your final year. Enough time to shayo, enough time to party and faff around


Results are out, not only did you pass your exams, you managed to wriggle yourself out of a third class. Skiborobo Skibo, Skiborobo skibo, oshey baddest…. . Testimony don dey for next week Sunday. You are now a graduate!

After much boasting and assurance by your uncle who claims to know enough senators in the National Assembly.. . “Don’t worry Emeka, I have worked your posting to Abuja”
NYSC list is published and you were posted to Borno! Whaaat!!

Despite all effort to get your relocation sorted back to Abuja, your PPA letter still shows you will be spending the next one year as a teacher at Ansar-Urdeen Islamic govt school. Ki leleyi na!

Your first day at school and you asked a JSS3 student to spell ‘Cow’ and he is like ‘KAOW’ cow!

You just know deep inside you you are finished.

Two months after some rigorous extra mural classes, you are beginning to see notable improvements.

When you done with NYSC and you are feeling on top of the world.

RIP Freeman David, we’ll always hold you dear to our heart.

You then suddenly realize you need to change your wardrobe, buy new shoes, new suits, buy new everything. All your NYSC savings don almost finish. Choi.

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When you just drafted your new CV and you are feeling enthusiastic, after 3 days and 3 nights of scouring the whole net searching for CV templates.

Grade:Bachelor of Science

Hobby: Possess strong passion for marketing.

Six months after NYSC, no job, no interview , not even one Gnld interview invite.
Only for you to be served Boli and groundnut with a copy of your cv on your home after another rough day of job hunting. why evils.

When you are over 35 years, you applied for Access Bank Graduate trainee and your ‘football age’ on your cv is showing 19. Haba bros, even your mentor Taiye Taiwo didn’t go this far.

When you go for an interview and the interviewer can’t seem to stop asking you rubbish questions.

Your dad suddenly calls, fuming that he doesn’t understand you again. One of the ‘big men’ he gave your cv to just told him unfortunately his company doesn’t employ perverts. The hobby section of your cv is showing “possess strong passion for masturbati0n”.. … You check your cv and yeah, it’s a fucking typo!  ” marketing not mastubati0n, dammit!

When you have zero working experience but you still applied by faith for a managerial job you saw online. bros God is a miracle worker not a magician.

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But with God’s help, you manage to dazzle your interviewer with your intelligence. You were given an assistant managerial role and that was how you were released form the shackles of unemployment.


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