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impress college lecturers
14 Jan 2017

10 Ways To Impress Your College Lecturers

Impressing college lecturers might seem difficult or burdensome to many undergraduates, especially the fresh students and those in sophomore year. It is therefore pertinent to correct that notion.

Below are 10 proven ways of impressing college lecturers:

  1. ATTEND CLASS REGULARLY: Attending class regularly goes a long way in impressing your college lecturers. Before you can impress college lecturers, you have to be one of the students that come to class regularly, without that there is no way you can impress them. Ironically, it is worth noting that students who score high marks in tests and exams but don’t go to class regularly find it harder to impress lecturers. This is because of nothing but the fact that most lecturers won’t want to agree that any student can actually pass their courses without attending classes. Consequently, such students don’t find it easy with them. Attending classes regularly cannot just be over emphasized when it comes to impressing college lecturers.
  2. BE PUNCTUAL ALWAYS: Just attending classes regularly is not enough to impress college lecturers; regular attendance with punctuality is the key. It is a common knowledge that coming late to class irks most college lecturers. In fact, some would prefer you don’t bother coming at all whenever you discover you are late already.

    This explains the reason why most of them lock the lecture hall door after them. In addition, to impress college lecturers, you must not be the type that rushes out of the lecture when it has not ended. That could depict how careless and unserious you are to them.

  3. CONCENTRATION IS REQUIRED: No college lecturer would want his student not to concentrate during their classes. This makes them to take note of those that pay full attention to lectures. Knowing that some students, out of probably hundreds of students (for large classes), concentrate on the lecture inspires them and tends to make them concentrate on such special students.
  4. ALWAYS ANSWER QUESTIONS TECHNICALLY IN CLASS: of course any student can answer a lecturer’s question, but the fact that you made it a point of duty to always understand their questions and answer them technically will single you out for recognition no matter the population of the class.

    The implication of this is that whenever they ask the class a question they end up mentioning your name (consciously or unconsciously) in a bid to make you answer their question technically. Technical answers to lecturers’ questions depict you sure understand well the course in the general which is quite impressive.

  5. ASK TECHNICAL QUESTIONS: To some college lecturers, asking mere questions sounds stupid in their ears. This is why you must ensure you ask technical questions. They find it fascinating when you decide not to ask just any questions but technical ones. It actually gives them the assurance that at least some students understand the knowledge they have been imparting all along and boost their confidence. Hence, they feel impressed by such student.
  6. ALWAYS PREPARE AHEAD OF CLASS: Without an iota of doubt, I believe preparing ahead of class boosts your chances of impressing your college lecturers. This assists in achieving the points highlighted above and makes them to be rest assured that at least, a student is keeping up with them in the course. Moreover, this can go a long way in making you stand out in class activities thereby projecting their impression of you.
  7. STUDY THEIR PATTERN: This is a coded way of impressing college lecturers. By this, I mean you try to figure out some stuffs about the lecturers and their ways of teaching – like what aspect of the course interests them most even as lecturers, what sort of questions do they like asking most, how do they approach concepts, how do they think, which areas of the courses are they emphasizing on…, the list is inexhaustible. This might seem difficult but it is actually easy to achieve. Consulting past questions and senior course-mates are other easy ways of achieving this pattern knowledge.
  8. APPROACH THEM PERSONALLY: Impressing college lecturers goes beyond just class activities you have to approach them personally with genuine reasons like -further clarifications on topics you are finding difficult, asking them to mentor you on career importance of the course, the texts you can read further on the course etc. I have the believe beyond the shadow of doubt that they will not but get impressed by taking this bold step.
  9. BLAST CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENTS: It is no more strange to see college lecturers suddenly asking you to tear a sheet of paper…Yes! Impromptu quizzes! Making sure their impromptu quizzes and snap tests do not catch you unaware is a sure way of impressing your college lecturers. First impression lasts longer they say, waiting for exams period to impress a lecturer might not be a very good idea. Marking of examination scripts are strictly based on marking scheme and there won’t be opportunity of discussing about the examination questions again. So the very best period to impress college lecturers is during the continuous assessments.
  10. DRESS RESPONSIBLY TO HIS CLASS: Having said all the above, even at those, if you are the type that is not always conscious of what to put on to lectures you might still find it hard to impress your college lecturers. It will cost you little or nothing more to dress the way professionals in your discipline dress. This will assist you while having encounters with college lecturers. The way you dress to an extent depicts how the lecturers would attend to you.



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