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18 Apr 2017

10 Things to Do Before Starting College

10 Things to Do Before Starting College

College life is the make or break point for every student’s life. It is the duty of students to meticulously devise plans before joining college. College life is full of learning different things from educational to recreational things. The student should do 10 things before starting college life.

1. Subject Selection

It is first and the foremost step for starting college life. Subjects should be chosen according to your interests and aptitudes. Carefully choose your majors for college life. Have a thorough research on your intended subjects and also study the job prospects of these subjects.

2. Join Academies

You should join educational academies to study your intending subjects. This will help you to have command on your subjects. Academies help you a lot in grasping the essential features of your subjects.

3. Try to be social

Try to meet different people and understand their personalities. It will help you throughout your life. Socialization helps in understanding the nature of different people and you are saved from malicious intentions of wrong people in future.

4. Have some guidance from elders to differentiate between right and wrong people

Many good students become bad students in college life because they don’t have proper guidance and they lack the sense to differentiate between right and wrong students. Spend time with your elders to learn tips to differentiate between right and wrong people.

5. Try to read different books and newspapers

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Reading books on different topics enhance your knowledge. Newspaper is a good source of information. You can learn latest happenings in the science and technology. This will also enhance your aspirations.

6. Build up your stamina for extra studies

Try to develop the habit of extra study before starting college. College demands high study stamina. You should be able to study for long intervals. The habit of extra studies increases your stamina for studies.

7. Learn to be independent

Have faith in your own abilities. You should prepare your own notes by consulting libraries. Notes play an important role in getting distinction in college. Try to explore your creative side in making impressive assignments.

8. Enhance your writing skills

Writing plays an important role in getting good grades. It never comes overnight. Writing skill demands a lot of patience and practice. Some students are very good at studies but they don’t get good grades because they are not good at writing.

9. Enhance your conceptual learning skills

Conceptual learning makes you a quick learner. It enhances critical and analytical thinking. Critical thinking is essential for higher level studies. Try to develop the concepts and critically evaluate the pros and cons of different things and ideas.

10. Boost up your confidence level

Be confident. Confidence comes with knowledge. Try to explore different things. Do your tasks on your own and always trust your abilities.

These are 10 important things a student must plan before starting college.

Author’s Bio:  The author, Shane Harper, a lifelong learner and a writer is passionate about everything related to college. He is also an expert at custom essay writing and often participates in essay writing competitions.


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