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20 Apr 2016

10 Sure Reasons Why Your CGPA Will Continue To Fall

‘Whatever goes up must come down’, the third newtons law of motion, is applicable to ‘almost’ everything in life, and its no surprise this law is functional in most students CGPA. But it’s surprising how some student’s result defy this law.

Well, the bad results we get most times in things we do is as a result of our own mistakes and misplaced priority. Nobody is created to be at the bottom, it is rather a choice to stay up or remain bottom. A low GP is definitely not something to be proud off and can be as a result of any or more of these:

  • Ineffective time management: time is an essential factor in achieving success, mismanage your time and you are definitely going to pay dearly.
  • Lack of drive: most people in this category are people who end up with courses they didn’t choose. Losing your drive to this factor can really cause a low GP. no course is useless.
  • Improper preparation: a quote says “if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail” with less preparation a low GP is guaranteed.
  • Lack Of practice: practice they say leads to perfection. Not Practising more ahead of your exams on things you have been taught, I can assure you that you will never nail those papers.
  • Power of hindsight: this is using the understanding that your lecturers can always go back to previous question they have set before, not marrying your past questions is another route to failure.
  • Lack of foresight: most time, questions for the semesters are set even before the semester goes halfway, and there is limited time to cover the syllables. Not applying the power of foresight means you don’t read ahead and then should be ready for surprises.
  • Lack Of Motivation To Learn : most people keep failing the same thing over and over again because of their ego, he/she knows it and you don’t but because you don’t want to be seen being taught by your mate you sit tight…well I can tell you that you will keep failing.
  • Lack Of discipline: so many have reading time tables hanging on their walls which they never use and the reason isn’t farfetched. It is simply ‘indiscipline’, not being disciplined to keep to your sketched reading time table is something that can never bring improvement.
  • Not knowing your reading habit: most people read and read without understanding, this can be because they haven’t discovered their reading habit. How do you expect yourself to improve with this?
  • Lack Of Prayers: Believe in your God. Praying to him will not only miraculously help you pass in good grades but it will also boost your confidence in the exam hall and help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. But otherwise, it might be a sorry case.


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