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19 Jun 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go For PostGraduate Studies


This is counter to a previous post on  10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDIES.

It is very saddening to see some people still considering going for a postgraduate study as a merit at this present unsteady economy situation. Apart from those in professional fields like law, I can’t see what you stand to gain in wasting two years in a postgraduate school. So as to make my points interesting, I hereby make ten undisputed reasons you should NEVER go for a post graduate study.

1. Your age might exceed the working age.
One of the reasons why you should not consider going for a post graduate degree is age. Here in Nigeria, the maximum age for joining the military is 27 years. Not only that, most employers do see age as one of the optimum for giving out jobs. Since we can’t compare the strength of a man of 25 years to that of 40 years, it is glaring that those of younger ages are more considered during job requirements.

2. The types of available jobs.
I once heard about a young graduate seeking employment for the post of a political analyst in a well known radio station. He had both HND degree in Mass Communication and B.SC in Political Science. So as to increase his chances of employment, he put down the two certificates in his curriculum vitae. To his utmost surprise, his employer told him his qualifications outrank the available jobs but if he wouldn’t mind, he could remove the B.sc degree from his qualifications and make use of the HND certificate. Looking well into this scenario, I wonder what a master degree holder would have done.

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3. It delays marriage.
It is no longer news when adults advise young men and women on the importance of early marriage. The era whereby a man of 60 years still have two children in secondary school has gone. You going to post graduate school will only delay you from getting married at a young age.

4. It takes a very long time.
Firstly, the minimum number of years anyone can use as an undergraduate in Nigeria is four years. After this is another compulsory one year for service. Adding another two years to this will only worsen the matter. Spending over seven years in the university campus is just a waste of your hay time.

5. There is no longer respect for Degrees.
The days when  graduates of university are seen as Lords are gone. Instead, they are rather consider as fools. You going far for master degree is just like the lord of the fools. You might want to know why people look down on these gentlemen, it is because they know there is no awaiting job for them. Majority will need to set up a petty business while some will have no option but to learn apprentice so as to make ends meet. In short, degree education is overrated.

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6. It is not always easy.
Above average of undergraduates mostly find it difficult to graduate with a good grade. Majority made good their escape out of the undergraduate school. Imagine how hard this is, you thinking of going for a post graduate studies is just like someone who jump from frying pan to fire.

7. The cost of financing.
For every average Nigerian, sponsoring their children’s education to university level forces them to live a miserable life. The song that they will pay it back one day even sour their hearts. It will be very unfortunate if after this long hardship, you still believe these innocent parents can still live more of their lives in agony just because you are after a Master degree.

8. It discourage creativity.
There are some things deposited in you that you can’t find in school. People call it talents but I call it virtuous. If you can do yourself the good of putting them into use, they are more than capable of buying you a future. Spending another series of your years in post graduate school will kill these great potentials.

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9. Your undergraduate degree is enough to make you a genuine.
Which field are you thinking of establishing on? What is wrong with the knowledge you have obtained doing your undergraduate? Have you made good use of them first? Probably you don’t know, what you were taught during your undergraduate days is enough to make you a genius.

10. How you use your young age is important.
Considering that you are still young, this is the time to try, fail, and try again, to explore your options and discover work that you enjoy. Some of that energy would certainly serve you well in the energy-draining atmosphere of graduate school, but is that where you want to spend it? You really are only young once.

Do you really want to start down the graduate school track from which it can be so hard to remove yourself? It is quite advisable for you not to play luck on important things like this. Use your good time for something better.

That’s that on :  10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go For PostGraduate Studies

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