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22 Jul 2016

10 Reactions Of Carry-Over Students In Nigerian Institutions

Having a carry-over is something nearly every student has probably experienced at a point in his or her academic life, either at primary or tertiary level while some students are very lucky that they have never being a victim of this circumstance. This means that they have never had missing scripts and perhaps, they don’t merit failure.

In Nigerian institutions, carry-over comes with a lot sigma and the victims are often stereotyped “dull and unserious” . In this write-up, we are going to critically consider the reactions of students when they become victims of carry-over

Note: This is not an hasty generalization of all carry-over students

So, sit back, take a chill pill, lessen your grasp on the worry of the content of the post and read along some of the disgusting reactions portrayed by carry-over students in Nigerian universities, polytechnics and college of education

1. They tear the result

At the end of the semester, after seeing that they have woefully failed, they will go to their hostel and will return back to the school at night with their torch light, straight to the departmental result board and will tear the whole results .

2. They start Aluta

All the dull students in the class will form a committee and will plan to cause chaos in the school. They will hold a meeting and the thrust of their plans will centre on aluta. They might go to their departmental or admin block and will set it ablaze. It happened in Ekpoma sometime this year.

3. They will assault the lecturer that failed them

The ones who are cultists will lay ambush for the lecturer that failed them and will give him some lashes. This is done to scare the lecturer to pass them for their subsequent re-sits.

4. They will strike their names out

Some of them will come with black markers and will strike their names out because they don’t want friends and other classmates to see them as olodo.. This is common with students who are in the realm of probation.

5. They resort to Runs their exam

This is common with the male students. They will associate themselves with those marking the scripts so that their scripts can the swapped.

6. They blame the lecturer for Incompetence

They will start raining curses on the lecturer that failed them that he will never know peace in his life for dishing them carry-over despite providing precise answers to the questions. They will blame the school management to have employed such an incompetent lecturer.

7. They pay Mercinary for re-sit

If the course they failed is a little bit difficult and the handout is a bit voluminous to read to pass when they re-sit for it, they will look for somebody that will impersonate them and re-sit for the exam.

8. They ask the class rep to Refund their Money

The ones who paid the class rep for runs yet failed, will confront the class rep to return their money . When the class rep fails to refund their money, they will resort to physical combat.

9. They stop coming for lectures

I know of peeps that reduced their attendance in class just because their results were very bad and could not stand the humiliation.

10. They will burst into treacherous tears

This is very common with ladies cos I’m yet to see a guy crying after checking his result. Even if situation warrant he cries, he won’t do that in public and will do that behind closed doors. This happens when she is in her final year. She will cry loudly and start wailing, blaming Buhari for unstable economy that contributed for her failure.

I drop my pen at this point.

Feel free to add yours.

Original Writer: Tosyne2much



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